A. Massive Energy Extraction from Water

1. Newtonian Honeycomb

a. Tidal Flow Example

b. California Aqueduct Example

c. Comparison Chart

d. Supplementing the Wind Farm Off-Shore Example

e. Basis of the Newtonian Honeycomb Energy Extraction

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1. Energy Transfer Method from Flowing Water to Generators

2. Double-Floating Door energy extraction

3. Single Floating Door Energy Extraction

2. Energy Extraction from elevation differences in water without dams

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3. Trolley Energy Extraction

Using the force of uni-directional fluids to extract energy.

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B. Engine Uses Common Dust as Fuel

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C. Non-slip Infinitely Variable Transmission

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D. More Power from Any Reciprocal/Rotary Function; the POWERCAM Bicycle Example

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How We Can Energy

This site is triggered by the needs of our age, "Alternative Energy." (Site still in progress)

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Is the Newtonian Honeycomb the answer to the world's search for how to extract massive amounts of clean, renewable energy from the water currents in seas, rivers, and canals, etc.? please click here

A few Newtonian Honeycomb installations will give us the same power a nuclear plant would without the deadly aspects. click here for more

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Tidal Flow Example >> California Aqueduct Example >> Comparison Chart >>

Learn more about the comparison of the "newest, best, largest" axial turbine heading for installation at the testing grounds in Orkney, Scotland, with the BCH Newtonian Honeycomb device. (That axial turbine claims 1MW output)
Supplementing the Wind Farm Off-Shore Example >>

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Are we seeing the beginning of death of any real renewable energy effort in the USA?



           Newtonian Honeycombs with: 

  WIND - SOLAR - hydroTURBINES - click (3pgs)


If the real source of the needed quantities of ENERGY are only the seas, rivers, etc:
    SOLVING THE ENERGY PROBLEM ? (AND ASSISTING FLOOD CONTROL IN WATERSHED MANAGEMENT) - Unprecedented capabilities resulting from combining 4 separate recent inventions into a RADICALLY NOVEL DOUBLE EDGED SYSTEM  - for introduction - click here

           The BACKGROUND leading us to NEWTONIAN HONEYCOMBS click here


           Are ANY current methods WORKING - and IS the WAVE POWER merely a TRAGIC JOKE?? click here

    ENGINE using COMMON DUST as FUEL for USPTO Publication click here
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